29 Jun, 2021
BY Elite Living Group

Wanting to sell your house for the maximum value is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, you’ve spent years investing time, money, and energy into turning this once vacant space into a proper home. Fortunately, we’re in a solid seller’s market right now, making securing the best price for your home easier than ever. Plus, with the spring selling season ramping up and the sales upswing here in Northwest Indiana, there’s plenty of chances to turn your monetary and emotional investment in your home into something to celebrate once the sale is closed.

Even with all the cards stacked in your favor, though, it can be challenging to know just how to price and market your home so that potential buyers will see it. But, with the help of an experienced group of realtors like those you can find at Elite Living Group, you can list your house and sell it for top dollar with ease. Today, we’re sharing four expert tips for getting the most value out of your home. Read on, then call our team to speak with a top NWI realtor.

Make the Necessary – and Not so Necessary – Updates

We’ve discussed at length the benefits of updating your home before listing it, but there’s a reason we keep bringing it up. From making exterior improvements aimed to boost curb appeal to splashing a new coat of paint on your outdated walls, there are plenty of projects you can complete that significantly increase the value of your property. While it’s always a great idea to focus on high-value renovations, such as updating your kitchen with the latest gadgets or finishing your basement, it never hurts to invest a little in the smaller, seemingly insignificant areas of your home. For example, refreshing your front door color, replacing the outlet and light switch covers, and even replacing light fixtures can help you squeeze some extra dollars into your asking price.

Utilize Strategic Pricing

Have you ever heard of psychology pricing? In short, it is a pricing strategy based on the theory that specific prices have a more significant impact on consumers than others. Research has shown that, across the board, prices that differentiate by just one cent create different mental responses, such as $1.99 is a more efficient price than $2.00. Utilizing this tactic when selling real estate, such as taking your listing price down from $500,000 to $499,000 can help you get significantly more for your home. 

List at the Right Time

Believe it or not, there is actually a wrong time to sell your home. You’ll notice that many “for sale” signs start popping up at the end of March into April, and there’s a reason. Spring into summer is one of the most fruitful times for those looking to sell their homes due to buyers’ desire to move during the warmer months. While you can find success when listing your home in the fall and winter, holding off until when the weather begins to turn and we all emerge from our hypothetical hybernations will work to your advantage when you’re aiming to get the most for your property.

Hire an Experienced Realtor

Selling your home is a process, one that requires the knowledge and resources only an experienced real estate agent can provide. Hiring a realtor or group of professionals helps you better understand the local housing market and insight into reasonable asking prices for your home. Plus, our agents have a plethora of negotiation experience, meaning that, even if a seller tries to lower their offer price substantially, we can work to get it back to a range you find acceptable. So call our Crown Point office to speak with a top real estate agent and begin the listing process today.




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