17 Nov, 2020
BY The Lisa Mullins Team

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year for many. Between shopping for gifts, preparing family dinners, and making sure you squeeze every last drop of holiday cheer out of the season, it can feel like you don’t have time to do much else. Deciding to sell your home on top of all of that can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. The realtors at the Lisa Mullins Team know that there is no bad time to sell a home when you have the right realtor to guide you through the process. Check out our tips and tricks for selling your home this holiday season, then contact our office to speak with a skilled realtor!

Stay Minimal With Holiday Decor

While you might be tempted to break out all your best holiday decor and decorate floor to ceiling, keeping decorations to a minimum is the way to go when selling your home during the holidays. You don’t have to devoid your home of all the holiday cheer à la the Grinch, but keeping things simple and classic is a more inviting option when inviting potential buyers into your home. A few classic stockings on the fireplace, a simple tree, and a few holiday touches here, and there is a great way to bring the holidays into your home without going overboard.

Let There Be Light!

Daylight hours dwindle significantly in the winter, resulting in darker, less inviting homes. To combat the winter darkness, consider adding extra sources of light in rooms known for receiving the least amount of light, especially if those rooms have something special to offer buyers.

Accentuate Your Home’s Best Features

Have a beautiful mantel perfect for hanging garland and stockings? Or maybe your dining room is perfect for hosting large family dinners during the holiday season. Play up those areas to create extra interest and show how your home is unique. 

Warm It Up

The winters in Northwest Indiana can be brutal. Keeping your home warm, either through your furnace and by lighting your fireplace to add a little extra coziness to the room, makes your home more inviting for potential buyers. Plus, homes can get a little drafty in the winter, so keeping the home a little warmer when showing is a great way to mask potential cold breezes.

Hire the Right Agent

You may have heard that selling your home during the holiday season can be a fruitless endeavor. However, if you hire the right real estate agent, you can sell your home and for a great price! The Lisa Mullins Team agents can help you find motivated buyers who are ready to make an offer on the perfect home. Plus, we can use our excellent negotiating skills to work out a price that both you and your buyers love. 

We know that the holidays are a busy time for most families in NWI, which is why our team works to make the closing process as simple as possible for our clients. Since we have over 15 years of experience working in the Northwest Indiana housing market and have sold well over 2,500 homes since our inception, we have the knowledge and skill to guide you through your paperwork and other post-closing processes. Instead of stressing over how you’re going to manage holiday shopping, preparing for family gatherings, and selling your home, contact the Lisa Mullins Team! We are here to help you get your home seen by the right eyes and sell for a great price.




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