14 Jan, 2020
BY The Lisa Mullins Team

Making the decision to buy a new home, or sell your current one, indicates the start of something exciting. Moving to a new home means transitioning to a new life. Selling or buying a home may take some time, but once everything is finalized you’ll know it’s worth it. Of course, a professional realtor makes the process significantly more manageable. Learn about why you should have a realtor from the Lisa Mullins Team help you out!

Get Valuable Information

Realtors are connected to a large, professional network. We can tell you about houses that are preparing to hit the market before they actually list. This information isn’t readily available to the public, giving you a competitive edge whether you’re selling or buying. A real estate agency also informs you about potential issues with the houses you’re considering. With several decades of experience under our belts, our eyes are trained to identify whether the home has hazards or does not fit with your interests.  

Complete Paperwork With Ease

The home selling and buying process might sound pretty glamorous: you get to tidy up your home and have professional photos taken of it. Then, you get to tour different houses and pick and choose based on your preferences. Unfortunately, there are still tedious practical matters to take care of, like signing agreements and going through paperwork. After all, you’re making a major financial decision. Don’t fear: your realtor will guide you through the tumult so you come out in one piece—and with a brand new home!

Know Exactly What You’re Buying

Sorting through hundreds of home listings is definitely a feat. While you can see listings from a quick web search, and information about their floor plans and prices, you don’t really get a good idea of what living in the house would be like. What is the neighborhood like? Is it a safe walk away from local schools? Is the listed price reasonable? These questions are far easier to answer with a realtor on your side, where you can physically come to the houses and see for yourself.

Negotiate Your Price

Prices are important for both buyers and sellers. But how do you determine the right price? For sellers, a realtor will be able to use knowledge of the surrounding housing market to determine an appropriate price or, if necessary, point you in the direction of an appraiser. If you’re buying a house, you’ll need to figure out whether the listed price is feasible, and if not, a realtor can negotiate with the seller to get you the house at a better price.  

Choose the Lisa Mullins Team!

Even if you do select a real estate agency, you need to choose one with lots of experience and a keen understanding of the housing market in your desired location. Not all realtors are the same: a capable realtor is the key to optimizing your search for a home. That’s why you should trust The Lisa Mullins Team for reliable real estate services. We’ve worked with clients buying and selling homes in Northwest Indiana for almost two decades, so we offer competitive real estate representation. Call our team today to get started!




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