11 Jun, 2021
BY The Lisa Mullins Team

When purchasing a new home, you’re investing in more than your property; you’re investing in your community.

Shopping for a new home requires more than touring homes and determining if they check off the essential boxes on your dream home checklist. You should also pay close attention to the area that your potential home is located. After all, your neighborhood plays a significant role in your life

Here at the Lisa Mullins Team, we’re dedicated to helping our clients locate the home of their dreams in the best neighborhoods in Northwest Indiana! If you’re interested in learning more about how to choose the right community to call your home, check out these five simple home-buying steps!

Describe Your Dream Neighborhood

The best way to determine which neighborhood is the right choice for you is by dreaming up the ideal neighborhood. Begin by identifying what your current community is lacking. Not enough friends or activities for your children to participate in? Too far away from your job, your children’s school, or the grocery store? Determining what you find yourself wishing for more of in the neighborhood you currently live in will help when you begin searching for your new home.

Don’t Overlook Noise Levels

Many equate their home to a sanctuary; it’s the place you settle into after a long, taxing day at work and where you can relax when you’re feeling less than your best. High noise levels caused by nearby highways, hospitals, and train tracks can significantly disrupt your comfort levels and may turn into a headache you weren’t anticipating when you moved in.

Accessibility is Key

Cutting down on travel times is always a bonus, and many individuals look for a centrally-located home to trim a few minutes off of their daily commutes. But, proximity to work isn’t everything when looking for a new home. Finding a home that is close to the most important parts of your routines, including schools and retail locations, is often a deal-breaker. It’s also critical to look check out how far your potential home is from emergency services such as fire stations, police departments, and ambulance facilities.

Get a Feel for the Neighborhood’s Character

Your community’s character is important! If you don’t mesh well with the lifestyle of those who live around you, you’re hard-pressed to enjoy where you’re living. There are plenty of aspects of a neighborhood’s character, meaning that you’ll want to look at various factors when researching your potential community. Some of the most important characteristics to look at when home shopping are:

  • Aesthetics: Think about if you enjoy the look of uniform homes that blend well together or structures that have unique, defining features.
  • Community Events: If you’re interested in getting to know your neighbors and get involved in the community, you’ll want to direct your search towards neighborhoods that have frequent gatherings and other neighborhood-wide events.
  • Overall Safety: Crime levels are important, but so is the amount of traffic your neighborhood sees. If you have pets or small children that enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s important to look at how busy your street will be and determine if it meets your safety standards.

This can be difficult when you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re searching in. Fortunately, your Crown Point real estate agent will provide you with the necessary information about demographics, crime rates, school information, and more. All of our agents have valuable, in-depth information and the communities across Northwest Indiana, making them a valuable asset to have on your side when hunting for your dream neighborhood. To get in touch with a reliable and knowledgeable real estate professional, contact the office of the Lisa Mullins Team! We’re here to help you find the best neighborhood for you and your family to establish your roots and truly flourish.




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