2 Mar, 2021
BY The Lisa Mullins Team

While vaccines and extra safety precautions continue to roll out globally, many of us still find ourselves spending more time in our houses than not. All this time within your house has likely inspired you to rearrange furniture, add some new art to the walls, and maybe even wholly makeover several rooms. The real estate agents at the Lisa Mullins Team understand the struggle and are here to help you get inspired to utilize this time at home. Check out these easy home improvement projects you can complete while staying safe inside!

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

You’ve likely spent some time staring at the walls of your home. Maybe you finally realize that the color you painted your kitchen wasn’t the best choice. Or perhaps you’re just tired of the color of your bathroom. Repainting is a simple, do-it-yourself project that requires little contact with others outside of your home and is something you can get your entire family involved in!

Refurbish or Update Furniture

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve likely seen the massive amounts of DIY furniture projects. From transforming an antique piece to repainting your Ikea furniture, updating your furniture is a great weekend project that not only occupies your time but leaves you feeling accomplished. Plus, you can show it off on your social media feeds once done!

Basement Transformation

Basements are spaces that the realtors at the Lisa Mullins Team feel have the most potential. Maybe you’ve discovered having a home office or workspace, at-home gym, or home entertainment hub is necessary for your new way of living. Utilizing the extra space in your basement and transforming it into a fully-functional area you genuinely enjoy spending time in is a great way to utilize your spare time at home and feel accomplished while doing so.

Total Home Declutter

Over the past several months, you’ve likely brought a lot into your home. It’s easy to get sucked into the Amazon bubble. Free, next-day delivery is excellent when you’re excited to get your items but, once you take a step back, you’re likely to realize maybe you’ve gone a little overboard. Take this extra time at home to go through your belongings, old and new, and determine what’s needed, what’s loved, and what can be parted with. This will leave you feeling lighter and your home cleaner and more organized.

All of these home improvements won’t go underappreciated. Home projects are a great way to add substantial value to your home. Whether you’re thinking about listing your home now or are preparing for when it’s time to upgrade your space in the future, home improvement projects are an easy and creative way to make your house shine amongst the other homes in your area. If it’s time to list your home, contact the Northwest Indiana realtors at the Lisa Mullins Team! Our team of professional realtors helps you list your home for a fair price and get it seen by interested buyers. Call or message our real estate office today to get in touch with a highly-knowledgeable agent.




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