22 Sep, 2020
BY Elite Living Group

You have a lot to think about when selling your home. The number one thing that is on your mind, though, is making the sale. Elite Living Group is here to help you sell your home at a favorable price as quickly as possible. One way to increase the chances of your home selling? Staging. Setting your home up to look phenomenal in listing pictures and for open houses helps to bring more interested buyers to your home, and can even reap higher offers from buyers. Check out these staging tips, then call the agents at Elite Living Group to get started on your home-selling journey!

Clear the Clutter

The primary purpose of staging is to allure buyers by helping them visualize their items in your space. That’s hard to accomplish when you have your belongings cluttering surfaces. While it’s okay to have clutter in the everyday home, putting away the personal touches such as papers, toys, and other items is the first step in welcoming buyers. It also gives you a jump start on cleaning and packing!

Brush Up on Basic Interior Design Guidelines

While there are no hard and fast rules for interior decorating, following basic guidelines most professional designers and decorators practice in their work can tremendously help when staging your home. Looking at elements such as balance and proportion can help you create appealing bookshelf layouts or coffee table settings. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

A great way to get buyers invested in your home and interested in seeing every room is by arranging your furniture in a way that opens your floor plan. Rearranging furniture is a great way to make a room look larger without having to do much work. Removing an oversized coffee table or unused loveseat can do wonders for your living space and, in turn, your selling process.

Make Use of Awkward Areas

Your home may have an oddly placed window, or perhaps an alcove too small to use as a functional area. Taking these unique areas and setting them up in a creative way – such as placing a statement piece of furniture or unique storage options – can set the space apart from other regions of your home and even other housing options.

Extend Stagging to Outdoor Areas

When staging, homeowners can often overlook the exterior spaces. While they may not be inside the home, your front and back living areas are just as important as the interior space. Sprucing up your outdoor entryway with a “welcome” sign or seasonal wreath can boost your home’s curb appeal and draw attention to the house.

Use Attention-Grabbing Items Efficiently

Staging your home helps to draw attention to its best assets while drawing the eye away from any downfalls. Maybe your kitchen lacks sufficient cabinet space but offers phenomenal views of your property and beyond. Use that view as a focal point of the room by adding unique touches to your windows. Using bold window treatments that draw in the eye or taking advantage of the natural lighting provided by your windows are great ways to redirect attention in the room.

Call Elite Living Group!

You can stage your home beautifully, but if no one knows it’s listed, you’re never going book tours! Working with Elite Living Group means you’ll be working with top real estate agents and marketing experts that know how to get your home seen by the right eyes. Get in touch with one of our experienced agents today to start your home-selling process!




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